Dream Big

This is a short piece today because I wanted to share a little of the experience I had over the weekend, without boring you with the details, and seeing as it's a Motivational Monday post it seems fitting to offer up some inspiration from my weekend outing. I will put the links to the different speaker pages below. Saturday I was in Holborn for a Hair and Brunch event organised by Pelumi of Care For Your Hair. It was a fabulous afternoon of meeting and greeting some inspiring and talented ladies on a journey of goal setting, thinking big and grabbing life by the scruff of its neck.

All amazing individuals with their unique stories of finding their passion and not letting it go regardless of the obstacles in their way. One of the main messages I've taken away from the event was the thought of investing in myself. This could mean me spending more time on the projects that could get me more leads, to building new relationships with people in my field, or taking out a loan to develop the business concept professionally, instead of trying to do things I am not qualified to do, like marketing (not my strong point). Last year I mentioned the difficulty of going self-employed. And that feeling of constantly chasing after contracts - it has become somewhat like living from one chaotic  meagre paycheck to the next. I assumed this was how it should be because I am just starting out. But after Saturday, I am now thinking I have been limiting myself needlessly. Perhaps subconsciously sabotaging my own progress by not taking some of the risks I could, to create more chances for my success. Perhaps some of you can relate to this, and this is why I wanted to share this with you.

I want to tell you beautiful, talented individuals reading this post - you can do anything you imagine - as Audrey Hepburn says 'Nothing is impossible, the very word says I'm possible' let's take off the kiddies gloves and knock 2016 out of the ball -park for all those goals and lists we've made ourselves.
After winning a set of Pelumis' hand crafted calligraphy set (see more HERE) titled Dream big, I am taking it as a sign to take the self-limits off this year and go forward boldly believing in my skills, knowledge and experience and continue to grow. So, here's to you fellow dreamers - let's make it happen!!

If you think having an accountability partner will help you achieve your goals, do this with a friend or partner or send me a message alicia.nutrition@gmail.com - I am up for budding with anyone wanting the extra support, or push I know there are times the dream seem too far away to reach.

Speakers at the event: 
RobyHenry - Life coach and motivational speaker over at Millennials making it happen
Kamilla schaffner - Clinical Nutritionist at My London Nutritionist
Sonia Greyson-Newman - Life coach and so much more!! 

Are you dreaming big this year? What are some of the things you are aiming to accomplish this year? 

It's time to get bold folks! 

Till next time, EAT mindfully, DRINK responsibly, and EXERCISE your mind and body!!!


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