Goodbye 2015...

I hope you have all had an amazing festive period and looking forward to 2016, new beginnings and adventures are a foot. So here's to you - amazing readers, guests and passersby, it has been a pleasure to have met you all, I appreciate all the likes, comments and feedback you have left me. 

I wish you all a splendid start to 2016 with all its possibilities and your potential to unlock them, as the old year draws to a close and the New Year is fast approaching, leave 2015 knowing that the coming year will see you bolder, sharper, focused and wiser. Catch you in the New Year - Cheers!!

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Check out the recipe card below, and start the New Year with a healthy, nutrient rich dish.

Till next time, EAT mindfully, DRINK responsibly, and EXERCISE your mind and body!!!

1/4 cup cooked black beans, 1 avocado, 5 tomatoes cut in quarters, cress, 1/2 shallot - sliced and soaked in hot water, 2 sticks celery sliced, 1 carrot grated, pinch of salt, and pepper. Served on a wholemeal flat bread.