Two Christmases

Today we have a guest post from my awesome blogger pal Charlotte, over at TheMummyToolbox.  Remember my post about Christmas Jumpers? Well, after reading my post - Charlotte has graciously sent me one to face my fears (more on this another time). Her blog has everything from fitness, projects and of course her experience of motherhood (check the blog out). If you guys think you love Christmas, her post will get you even more pumped for the coming festivities! Her retelling of how xmas is spent with her lovely family is warm and funny, and really make me wish I could sneak in to watch all the fun and games - you'll fall in love with Christmas all over again reading her post. So, without further ado, take it away Charlotte...

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I am a big Kid at Christmas time (just like my mother!), we love tacky hats/Christmas jumpers (sorry Alicia) and definitely lots and lots of presents. I am fortunate enough to get TWO Christmases since I have divorced parents. My brother and I (and my husband and son) spend Christmas Day with my mother and her side of the family and Boxing Day with my dad (and sometimes his).

Two Christmases means twice the food, presents and festivities – What’s not to love! So I’ll give you the low down on each of them!

Mum’s Christmas – Christmas Day
Anyone who knows my mum knows she goes all in at Christmas! – She spends a lot of time making sure everyone feels loved and included and we all very much appreciate it. 

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Tree Presents – This is one of my favorite things about Christmas that was originally my Gramps’ idea. He was always a lover of Christmas too and he hated that once all the presents were opened in the morning, it was sort of ‘over’. So we decided to keep little presents back so that in the evening after dinner we could all open one or two and we get to eek it out a little longer! (now it has progressed a bit to 3-4, not that I mind!)

The Magic of Christmas – My Mum and I are firm believers in keeping the magic alive for the kids (and me – shh) so we would write a letter to my brother from father Christmas explaining all about how he had been good and which wrapping paper design was his! It would be left alongside the obligatory brandy and carrot for old St Nick and my brother loved it! (he’s 13 now so he knows all about Father Christmas but my son is only 3 so we get to do it all over again)

What’s on the table?

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There is always far too much food (which usually ends up lasting at least a weeks’ worth of leftovers for everyone) because my mum loves to cook and feed people! You aren’t ALLOWED to leave unless you’re rolling yourself out the door.

The usual favorites are:
The puddings differ from year to year but last year my mum made a train made entirely out of chocolate that had chocolate coins in the carriages!

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This was part way through – I wasn’t allowed close enough to the finished one to take a picture…lets just say it ended up missing a few bits.
Whenever the day is over we always leave my mum’s Christmas with full bellies, lots of love and a boot full of pressies

Dad’s Christmas – Boxing Day

My dad is more of the quiet type and prefers a minimalistic Christmas – We don’t love him any less! We usually start a bit later (which is great because we are full from the night before) and then we open lots of presents in a mad Dash!
There always has to be jokey presents at my dads’ because he can’t take anything seriously and he always needs extra holiday cheer!

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We Accidently bought each other the same tacky glasses last year! (haha great minds)

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Gaming championships!! – We are a competitive bunch so Christmas at dads involves a lot of silly games including (but not limited too) – wii, shooting (air rifle), cards, piranha panic, nerf darts and the occasional obstacle course. Most of these games involve alcohol (eat, drink and be merry is basically the motto at this Christmas) which always turn them into hilarious versions of their former selves .

What’s on the table?

Unlike my mother – my dad is not a connoisseur of the Kitchen and so our Christmas dinner is more traditional (and a lot of it is pre-bought)

The Usual:
·         Turkey
·         Potatoes
·         Carrots
·         Peas
·         Parsnips
·         Yorkshire puddings (we just have too!)

I usually provide the pudding since my dad doesn’t eat dessert (or chocolate – he’s also weird) which is usually in the form of a chocolate gateaux!

Dad’s Christmas is always unique and we end up Leaving as wibbly wobbly messes with plenty of hilarious memories and unfortunately photos to add to the scrapbook! Overall Christmas is a time to spend with the people you love, and regardless of which day it is and which way it is done – I get to spend time with the people I love the most! I am very lucky that both of my parents aim to give us great memories (and pretty amazing presents) every year and I cannot be more thankful!

Charlotte X
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