Salt Crust Rye - No Knead Bread

This is the perfect gift for the keen baker, makes a great handmade Christmas gift, just put the  dry ingredients in a glass jar and make it look pretty, print the label below and attach it for instructions or make your own label. Or if you just want to try making your own bread but the effort have always been the deal breaker. Not to worry, with this anyone can bake a mean, tasty bread. Yes, anyone even your tiny tot -with supervision of course.You can take any bread recipe and use this method, make it sweet or savory by altering your ingredients combinations.
For this one I used a mixture of  rye & white bread flour -don't worry about the dough being sticky, all this bread need to develop is time and a bit of patience. You can mix it up and leave it for a good 6-20 hours before baking. The longer you leave it the better the gluten will develop and you'll have a mean crumb that look and taste like artisan bread! I've made a few of them already, even a pumpkin one.

From Top left: Wholemeal no knead bread, Normal white loaf, Kambocha pumpkin loaf

Enough talk, let's cook...


1/2 teaspoon rock salt mixed with ~2 tablespoon water (probably a little less, enough to dissolve the salt) - add to spray bottle and shake to dissolve or just stir in a cup.
#This is optional and you only need a light mist on the top of the bread, a few sprays will be sufficient!! DON'T make the top soggy.# You will still get a golden crust without spraying with saline solution, I just liked it that way.

Equipment: casserole or any heat safe container with a lid.

Till next time, EAT mindfully, DRINK responsibly, and EXERCISE your mind and body!!!

Open Sandwich with no knead rye bread - lightly toast 2 slice of bread
 add avocado slices, sundried tomatoes and cress.


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