Love Christmas (but) Hate Novelty Jumpers

Let's just take a moment to pay homage to the xmas novelty jumpers the world over! I know it may seem crazy that I am even writing about this with a whole 7 weeks to go to the BIG day, but I can't ignore this any more. They are already in the shops leering at me at every shopping trip I take recently.
Like this guys face, I am NOT impressed 
It seems they will not be quiet, I feel they are haunting me. Why, that's ridiculous! I hear you say, but I am being serious. I am not really a fan of xmas jumpers especially the silly garish coloured variety. It is even worse when I see a photos of an entire family sporting the same design jumper together (I will refrain from putting any here as an example). It creeps me out - there I've said it. But I still don't feel any better, perhaps I need to just buy one and wear it, face the fear of foolishness. 

Look here, I get it okay, there are many of you out there who seem to love the idea of putting on a silly jumper with every and anything Christmas related on them, but really it's just not for me. I suppose, I've never seen one that I would consider wearing, or thought looked chic enough to go outside to grace my public (like I'm famous or something - lol) in. Until then I will play around with Polyvore and perhaps I will find a look that will tempt me into the Christmas jumper spirit?

Here are few I gave a second glance...
From Top left: Maison Martin Margiela £885, Giles Deacon for Save The Children, CutieandMore on Etsy £11.51, Miss Selfridrige £37.00, HouseofFraser £57.00, NewLook £15.00 
 #What's your take on the Christmas Jumper?

#What do you think of my potential choices?

Till next time, EAT mindfully, DRINK responsibly, and EXERCISE your mind and body!!!


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