Halloween Fun and Games

Image from King
A subtle gallery space  in Greek street Soho, was host to the King Digital Entertainment plc - Pop-up event. King are the creators of the popular arcade type online and mobile games Candy Crush and Bubble Witch (and many others). The Pop-up Halloween themed event was free to the public, from 29-30th of October from 5pm till 10pm. The event was promoting a new limited edition feature of the  Bubble Witch 2 game, aptly named 'Magic School'. Over the two  days before the start of Halloween, the space was taken over by all things Bubble-Witch inspired. From face painting with makeup artists from the National Theatre, free access to all levels of the game, and freaky cocktail making potions classes with the help of expert mixologist.

Walking down the street you couldn't  really miss the entrance for this Halloween themed event, there were half barrels and pumpkins outside the entrance. I entered directly into the games room, with changing glow lighting - mainly in the pink to purple hue - throwing shadows around the room, decked out to look like a scene from a game. The first thing that struck me was the music, if you have ever played Bubble Witch you will instantly recognise those notes. With ears pricked and my eyes scanning the interior from the entrance; I was instantly drawn to the giant black cauldron to the far right of the room, mist spilling out from it, filling the space. The smoking cauldron was surrounded by stands with ipads featuring all levels unlocked game. It was like a stone henge circle, only instead of giant stone pillars we had a giant cauldron surrounded by perfect modern waist height pillars with touch screen gadgets. You could take a seat in one of the huge comfy arm chairs and soak up the ambience, with bookcase and knight in armor, and a photo stage set for dressing up and getting your photos taken before leaving. You instantly felt you were in the game, moving through from the games room, you enter the makeover room, brighter and lighter, with framed photos on the wall displaying the various scary to cute face painting you could have done by any of the four National Theatre makeup artists on site. The designs were crafted by instagram makeup sensation Laura Jenkinson.

Victoria the makeup artist who made me cute and scary, almost Jekyll and Hyde persona
I initially went for the cute cat (Nero, from the game) over the right eye, but after a few magic potion cocktails, and being inspired by another attendee, I went all in, and had the left side of my face painted with the creepy half skull smile of Morgana a baddie from the game. And you know what? I went home with my half scary face! yup, all the way back to Surrey - sure I got a few stares, and smiles and struck up some interesting conversations at Waterloo station whilst waiting for my train. 

Image from King
A few of the canapes and cocktails that were on offer
The Makeover studio lead into the Potions Lab! set up like a spell casting class room, it was darker than the previous rooms, with lots of potions in lab beakers, bunsen burners on display, vials filled with colorful liqueur and boiling away all thanks to the addition of dry ice. There was also a small cauldron with pink edible bubbles spilling over the side and a giant Jack-o-lantern pumpkin with vapourised cocktail mist spreading menacingly out of the eyes and gaping mouth. An absolute delight! I think my favourite thing from this potions mixing was learning spherification  - I've wanted to try this for a while and was over the moon with how simple it actually is. Watch this space, it might show up in a recipe here soon.

I had an awesome evening with the organisers for the Bubble Witch Saga Halloween Pop-up, and the other attendees, now am hook on the game yet again!

The dressing up booth, here photo was taken and I had the option for it to be uploaded directly to my FB 

More fun photos from the event for your viewing pleasure...
The comfy chairs and fake bookcases, loved the attention to detail
Morgana, the left side of my face was soon to adopt her freakish smile

Heading for our scary makeovers
The cute cat eye, wasn't to last long
Image from King - Me in the hotseat of transformation
How'd yah like NOW?!
He was my inspiration to go half Morgana
The cranberry bubble cauldron

My attempt at spherification

Blowing cranberry flavoured edible bubbles

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