Festive Centerpiece with Mason Jars

The joys of mason jars! if you are looking for non traditional take on christmas decorations get a hold of some mason jars or even jam jars anything wide enough to hold some water, decoration and candle. I think they would also look great in different sizes on a table. Just click on the photos to take you to the diys.


Such a fab idea, turning mason jars into lanterns - I would be scared if one was to break though, that's a lot of flammable liquid. I still like it though...

BETTER LATE THAN NEVER-MASON JARS IN TEA LIGHTS-a week before Christmas decor- stonegableblog.com

Great D.I.Y idea can be used as a centerpiece on the dining table or on coffee table in the sitting room.
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Love this idea! could use it instead of a wreath outside, loving the rustic feel to it.

Christmas Decor:

Idea for jam jars anyone?

Simple but pretty. Could use passed Christmas for winter decor. A use for my many masons:

I think this one would smell gorgeous, have the fresh scent of the pine leaves wafting around the house, counteract some of those cooking smells - think I might go for this one.  

Christmas decor:

How cute are these candy jars, even if you did only one and put a felt 'JOY' garland behind it they would still look awesome.

Tablescape idea for Christmas dining table. Wood planks and mason jar tea lights:

This might be my favourite, it's simple and has a clean finish but still bear that festive look.

#Have these inspired you to get thinking about your festive table centerpiece?

#which is your favourite?

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