YAS Persian Restaurant Review

After my #vegfests visit left me feeling hungry and crushed (too many people), I left in the hope of finding somewhere quiet to gather my thoughts on the experience and of course fill my tummy.

And I found, YAS a persian restaurant a few meters up the road from the venue heading back to Kensington Olympia station on Hammersmith Road.

Loved the internal decor, lots of photographs on the walls, gave me things to look at while I waited to be served.

This beautiful blue mosaic thing, is an oven! yes an oven, this is where the lovely flat breads were being diligently made by the gentleman you can see here.

Stater: was an aubergine medley and flat bread, which was so delish! 

Main course: Saffron rice + kidney beans and spinach.

Finished off with a cup of Persian tea with fresh mint, total bliss. The entire meal including tip cost £27 which is not cheap for one person, however, I was happy with the meal and service.

I also, discovered something called surmar? no not sumac well apparently it was sumac, am thinking it's their own blend cause the one I have at home doesn't look or taste like this one. know what that is, but this was on the tables, mixture of flavours, but lends itself heavily to the citrus side of things with some hints of cinnamon.

Have you been to Yas? what has been your experience?

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