VegFest London Kensington Olympia 2015

The website & AdvertisingOver crowded and noisy, they really had too much information on the front page, making it very distracting and not really have any real point of focus. Not the the most user friendly events web page I have come across. There were a lot of advertising on the facebook page leading up to the event, which is great as it kept the momentum and interest in the event.

The location & PriceThe London venue was Olympia in Kensington, great venue lots of room (or so I thought), easy to find as it's directly opposite Kensington Overground station.  Pricing was fair, though I did receive a free ticket from a fellow blogger, because they were doing buy-1-get-1-free at one point. Advance tickets £10 (concession £6) and £12 on the door with under 16's free entry.

On The day: I visited on the Sunday just before lunch, and found the place ridiculously packed! I can only imagine what the Saturday was like. Walking around for a bit I found it almost stifling to get to some of the vendors I was interested in trying or purchasing some of their products. There were a few empty stalls, which I guess either didn't turn up or sold out of their products the day before or early Sunday morning, because the palettes etc were still around. There were some great food on offer of what I could see, and lots of beautiful cakes and desserts both raw and baked. Below are some of the stalls I found interesting on the day.

In the end I didn't stay long - which is unlike me for food shows. I purchased a few items, and left. Found Yas, a Persian restaurant up the road near the station and had a meat free meal and a glass of wine (because I deserved it), which was delicious and filling. 


There is certainly a different atmosphere and crowd to that seen at the other food festivals. They need to sort the web site out, needs a more professional and cleaner interface. Don't sell so many tickets, far too many people in attendance, and am sure the vendors would have done even better if more people were able to get to the stalls, instead of being crushed. However, in saying this, there is certainly a market for this type of food event, and from what I experienced in the 1 hour I was there, I think there is indeed room for improvement but it's also fun.

#Did you attend vegfest? how did you find it? leave me a comment#

Till next time, EAT mindfully, DRINK responsibly, and EXERCISE your mind and body!!!

Taken outside Kensington Olympia Station London  copyrights Alicia Lewis @ KitchenTakeovers


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