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Thanks to the lovely folks at ShakenCocktails , I can now shake and strain like the best of them (well, it left me feeling like I could), after taking one of their cocktails masterclass. For someone who came to the bewitching taste of alcohol rather late in her prime, (late 20's). I am still discovering the various taste, types and history behind the tipple. Thus far on my journey, I have discovered that I am rather partial to a glass or two of red wine, and the odd dunkle or dark ale / stout. I am still working on the white wines to find some I like as much as the reds, but it is perhaps a wanderlust quest. Besides after tasting sparkling red wine, at a vineyard in France, I was already sold to vin rouge in all its tempered deliciousness.  

Now, let's talk cocktails, they are another thing entirely. I have never had one! they've never really appealed to me as I thought they smelt too strong whenever anyone had one near me. Though I have taken the odd sip here and there of keen friends wanting to let me see how much I am missing out by not having them. From those I have sipped I think if I were to order one for myself, it would have to be fruity and probably sweet and not smelling too strongly of ethanol.

The cocktails class was at the The Hoxton Hotel, this place I have to visit again. There are books everywhere you look (we all know me and my love affair with books), and some modern arts on display also.  It's chic and funky all at the same time, wonder if I can a discount to stay over night? anyway, cocktails!!

The opportunity was there for the taking, how could I not have a go at this? even if I couldn't drink it I would make sure my cocktail drinking friends knew I could now shake a cocktail or martini like a pro. This event was free as part of the London Food Tech week, however the company run masterclasses for corporate events, but are hoping to branch out to us lowly folks. The main aim behind the brand is to get their cocktail box sets with everything you need to get you making cocktails, to you in the post on a monthly basis. However, you can do single box purchases instead if you don't want to commit to a monthly subscription. Which I think I will be trying, especially for someone who is still fairly new to this type of drink. 

A long table lined with cocktail mixers, shakers and booze to get us started. After a brief welcome and bit of background information about the company from our Shaken Expert, we were ready to get mixing.
The drink of choice was the Espresso Martini (click for recipe + history behind the drink). I was interested from the moment I heard coffee would be involved, teaming up with Crukafe for this drink, we used proper coffee capsules not coffee liqueur. Following the cocktail masters instructions we all commenced to making our fine beverage. The finished product was surprisingly very drinkable to me, think the coffee probably helped!

shaken and ready for pouring

Et voila!!! one Espresso Martini

I wished they had more masterclass events, as they would be great for presents or girls/ guys night out. I will get my own fruity box and try them out, which of course I will update you all on.

Check out Shakencocktails if you are an avid cocktails enthusiast or just curious like me. If you follow them on twitter you'll be in the know about any events they are hosting, special offers etc.

#Have you been to a cocktails mixing class? are you an avid cocktail drinker? tell me your favourite recipe or drink#.

Till next time, EAT mindfully, DRINK responsibly, and EXERCISE your mind and body!!!

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