Blogtober Series no_9: Pssssst, Over Here! Come Closer...

...Closer, closer, closer

Okay, okay, so Halloween is around the corner and I just couldn't help myself. This post is aimed at anyone who has recently joined me on my kitchen adventures and food discoveries. I would like to say a big, warm, fuzzy - WELCOME!!

If you were at my door I would invite you in for a cuppa and a natter, and we could put the world to rights whilst cooking up a storm or baking a cake (dairy free of course).

Would you like to know more about why I started this blog? LOOK no further, and just incase your curiosity was sparked even more this is ME in a nutshell.

I would love to know more about you and what you like doing, so drop me a line in the comments section.

Till next time, EAT mindfully, DRINK responsibly, and EXERCISE your mind and body!!!

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