Blogtober Series no_8 An App for Everything

Welcome, to another post in the Blogtober challenge. I hope you have been following along and have enjoyed the shakeup to the blog of late. In today's post, the challenge requires that I share some of my favourite apps, this will indeed be short and sweet very much to the point. If you are not that interested in my favourite apps, you can just bypass this post and make a beeline for the recipe posted HERE for today. Needless to say, most, if not all of these apps will need no introduction whatsoever, as I am sure most of you will already be familiar with them.

First up, I give you my absolute favorite, instagram, this little app is usually the first one I check in the morning and the last in the evening, I put out more of my daily musings and activities on this app, you can follow me here.

Next up is this little beauty, I recently discovered this app and it has been a saving grace for some of my photos. I have only recently started trying my hand at adjusting lighting etc, as before I would just try to get a good enough shot so I don't have to faff about.

Now this one, I really just wouldn't be without, thank you tech GEEKs and creatives. When I am away from my Shaun-T, Jillian Michaels DVDs, and rowing machine this little beauty saves my buns. Literally, cause you all know I love to eat, but gotta balance it out with some kind of exercise. I sometimes use it at home when I am not feeling too energetic. Bloggers this is great for us or other jobs that require lots of sitting around.  

Aaaaawwwww Pinterest, oh the many hours/days I have wasted, whiled away clicking, drooling and in no short supply of inspiration. It really should come with a WARNING! 'risk of mental over stimulation and lack of productivity, enter at your own risk'  something like that anyway. See my boards (at your own risk) here.

This app has saved my bacon on countless times, when heading into London. Great for finding parking and paying on the go, especially when you are short on time or change for parking meters.
I just would not be without this app since discovering it a few years ago, great for tracking your general health, and monthly ladies. 

My face on discovering there is an app for everything!!! 

What are some of the apps you like using? can you recommend any that I might use as a food blogger?

See the recipe for today HERE

**disclaimer, all app images were screen captured from Google images, and are not my own**

Till next time, EAT mindfully, DRINK responsibly, and EXERCISE your mind and body!!!

All rights to images reserved  copyrights Alicia Lewis @ KitchenTakeovers


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