Blogtober series no_7 'What's in a Name?'

In this series we are uncovering the essence of 'KitchenTakeovers'...

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It is said that every ailment that afflicts us can be traced back to our diet and lifestyle...So I am here to help folks reclaim their health through their kitchens!

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Food has always brought people together from the dawn of time, but the kitchen, has fallen out of favour as the hub of the home. Replaced by an over dependence on convenient and processed foods (which have their place, see my post about this here).

All rights to images reserved  copyrights Alicia Lewis @ KitchenTakeovers
The blog is tied into my role as a Nutritionist and Cooking tutor, getting people back into their kitchens, handling raw ingredients and knowing where their food comes from. 'KitchenTakeovers' is about bringing back the simple pleasures of togetherness and the warmth of a home cooked meal.

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I want people to come on a journey with me through my blog, to discover and rediscover the joys of cooking, sharing and experimenting with food.  And hopefully by doing so, are empowered to take responsibility for their health and well-being one dish at a time. This, is the essence of KitchenTakeovers.

Here is a video of a summer project I was was apart of, bringing older and younger people together through food and technology.

Let me know what you guys think? is the kitchen the hub of your home?

#Tomorrow on Blogtober series no_8 I will be sharing my favourite app and a recipe.#

All rights to images reserved  copyrights Alicia Lewis @ KitchenTakeovers
Till next time, EAT mindfully, DRINK responsibly, and EXERCISE your mind and body!!

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