Blogtober Series n0_31 Halloween, Endings, and New Beginnings

It's HALLOWEEN, and all good things come to an end, but there end sparks the beginning of something new, there is a saying "Every NEW beginning comes from some other beginning's end" (Seneca). The journey  has been interesting, challenging, and fun! but the most amazing thing has happened since taking up the Blogtober challenge by Alexandra. I have met some pretty amazing and talented individuals. Writers who draw you into their stories and make you feel apart of their life and journey leaving you wanting more. 

I have discovered, I am not alone in the daily struggles as a blogger trying to get her voice heard in this huge expanse of cyber space. The encouragement and support of the Blogtoberists have been truly moving; and the best part of all this?  making new friends and being there to support them all on their journey. 

So as this journey comes to an end, I would like to say a HUGE heartfelt

to you readers who have stuck with me on the journey and to my blogging buddies for their continued support, through comments and feedback - it would not have been the same without all of you!! 

And now, I would like to handover the baton as it were, to others who are looking for a challengeHere are a few things you can challenge yourself to do over the coming months, choose one or more it's up to you..

Also, check out the creative space of the other bloggers who were on the journey with me, stop by and say hi to these great people. 

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Kezia -

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Lisa -

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Till next time, EAT mindfully, DRINK responsibly, and EXERCISE your mind and body!!!


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