Blogtober Series n0_25 How I Make Money From MY Hobby

Another Sunday, another Blogtober challenge. Today we are talking about hobbies. I have a few however, I will focus on this specific one as it covers a few other things I class as my hobbies.

I have sort of touched on this a little bit in the post '10 Facts About Me'. These days more than others I have been taking more steps to try and integrate my hobby into other areas of my lifestyle and get a few pennies at the same time. Mainly because I am in between jobs, and I enjoy making things with my hands and creating new designs. 

Everything I make I would wear, and for me this is important for a number of reasons. For one, I don't really have a target market as such, as my style and taste are so varied. From chic to grunge, to sophisticated and quirky. So, in my eyes there will be something for any taste and style in my designs and the things I make. However, I do take special orders etc.  Many are one off items, especially those I combine vintage finds  into the design.
I make accessories, cloths, wire and bead jewellery anything you'd use to offset an outfit or the outfit itself. From hats, bags, scarves, rings, necklaces, hair accessories basically any and everything inbetween. Combining my love for crocheting, knitting and sewing and a few  mix media pieces.

Where do I sell my pieces? Craft fairs, online, and through word of mouth.  I had a website, which got hacked and I must admit I still can't even face the thought of rebuilding it. My next step is to try and run a few workshops, as this will get me using more of other skills also. 

Mini rant: Note to you people who just sit at home or wherever and hack or steal other peoples hard work, you will never know how much hurt you cause, but I believe in karma!! rant over.
#Tip: if you have something you are passionate about, let others know about it#

 Here are a few snap shots of some of my handi-work, you can see more by liking the Beautifully_Unique facebook page.

If you like anything you see here, or would like something made just for you or someone special, just drop me a line with your request. Willing to do blogger reviews or collab with other bloggers who would be interested in trying out some of the items (at a reduced rate) and blogging about them etc.

Till next time, EAT mindfully, DRINK responsibly, and EXERCISE your mind and body!!!


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