Blogtober Series n0_20 What's On Your Desk?

Really? you want to know what's on my desk? am not sure how this will help the world at large but if you think it's a good idea...? Feeling sheepish and thinking I should have put some stuff on the damn desk, make it look a bit more interesting. 

This is sort of like having your mom come into your room, checking to make sure you've cleaned up like you said you were going to. Except it's not just 2 pairs of eyes seeing the work you have done, it's hundreds of them and I feel a little too normal; no, I guess I feel boring because my desk is not interesting at all. I admit, I do more messy creative stuff all over the house but this is where I spend most of the day when blogging or anything internet related.

The desk is just large enough to hold a cup of tea (very important), some mini speakers, the keyboard and not much else. After university I decided the minimal look and feel is what I needed, and I eventually got it thanks to my partner. However, it is only recently this dream has come to reality, with sleek shelving and a desk only suitable for typing and drinking tea, but it folds down too! 

Look over here, let me draw your attention to the Japanese vase and flowers, no idea what that yellow flower is, bought them from tesco; but the leafy stem behind it is lemon verbena, I grow it in my herb patch. The plant has many medicinal and culinary uses from digestive and skin disorders to trouble sleeping. I like to have it in the vases around the house, everytime I walk pass I rub the leaves and have a sniff, I do find it calming.

You see what I did there? 

Hehehe, totally distracted you from my minimalist and boring desk! 

So, what's on your desk? I want to be nosey now, send me photo or link back to this post so I can come check it out.

Till next time, EAT mindfully, DRINK responsibly, and EXERCISE your mind and body!!!

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