Blogtober Series n0_13 Your Dream Job and Number ONE Destination is Here...

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We are highlighting two things in today's post, because they go together and I just couldn't separate the two. 
The one place I desire to go, above all else if it were the only or last vacation I could ever go on, and my dream job ties into this, because of my love for food culture. I know I have said this before in my bucket list, but visiting Asia and especially Japan is something that would very much be my highlight and number one destination. My dream job? that's easy, writing recipes with a story to tell. But in order for me to tell those stories I would indeed need to travel and widen my food knowledge and experience, by trying new cultures and cuisines and seeing how people handle food and why they eat somethings but not others.

So, why the seemingly near obsession with Japan?  Well, it's more of an interest than obsession I guess. I have always had an appreciation for places that seem a bit insular, and Japan has that (Yes, so does N.Korea, but that's another topic). I suppose I have had a crush on the country from my college days studying Art and Textiles, a group of us even did a giant mural of 'Hokusai, Katsushika 'Under the Wave, Off Kanagawa', you can see the original at The British Museum. This giant mural was displayed at the college for sometime, not sure what has happened to it now. But it was through the research of this painting that got me into seeing Japan as a place for art and fashion creativity. 

The more I looked into the culture the more I wanted to visit, and still want to visit to see both the old towns and new modern cities, to indulge in some of the traditional crafts like pottery and learn about the tea ceremony and it's true significance, but also to get a hands on approach of how their cuisines change depending on location. I am not eyes closed to the reality that much of what I would like to explore or see I might struggle to do but I still hope to and will try. Much of the country, the places I'd really like to see are not in the cities, and this indeed could well pose an issue, especially with the language and access to internet for translation. However, I have come across a few individuals who have lived in Japan, and found it accessible so I have hope. 

#What is your dream job or number one destination?#

Below is the recipe for today, a delicious Persian inspired rice - serve with lentil curry. 

Till next time, EAT mindfully, DRINK responsibly, and EXERCISE your mind and body!!!

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