Alice in Wonderland at The Museum of Childhood (London)

On a bleak and drizzly early morning trek into London for an event, which unfortunately got cancelled. I was in need of something to cheer me up, and something I wouldn't need to splash out too much, for this pleasant feeling. After venturing to a well known watering hole to dry off and dampen my disappointment with a coffee and free WIFI. I was now in need of something to while away the morning and early afternoon (coming into London for me is not to be taken lightly), some internet eyeballing lead me to the Museum of Childhood. So off I went, a little warmer and drier than I initially started out.

On arrival I was instantly in love, with the floor! I know, of all the things to draw me in. With it's monochrome (my obsession) mosaic black and white motif, reminiscent of the Art Deco period (another of my obsessions). 

The Alice Look exhibition will be on display till 1 November 2015. Setting the scene of the Lewis Carroll fantasy through the decades, showing how the protagonist was crafted to fit in with the fashion and ethos of the times, as well as inspiring noted stylist and designers. Everything from paper dolls, fabric prints and all things Alice. I really loved it, and for such a small space I was rather impressed how much they manage to get in there. The dress with the story written on the fabric was perhaps my favourite, and the seamstress in me was already planning a rather unconventional piece of attire (watch this space) currently on the lookout for appropriate fabric.  Here is a free paper doll from the illustrator and paper doll maker Charlotte Whatley, print and enjoy making your own tea party fantasy with your little ones.

I was also particularly drawn to the Kites From Kabul  which is featured till January 2016. I was pulled into this display firstly by the bright colours, then the video footage and photographs of children flying kites, happy and carefree covered in dust and in some cases playing in rubble, (I couldn't help thinking was probably once someone's home). But the children were obviously elated with the activity of making and flying their kites, I caught myself smiling the whole time I was standing there. 

There are many other displays on also, but these were my favourite and I guess it would be a bit of a spoiler for you if I was to highlight everything. But, think -  everything you have ever wanted as a child in toys and gadgets. Dolls from all over the world and from various eras, made from an array of materials and creative sources. Honestly, you will not be disappointed, plus it's FREE!! So, if you are wondering what to do with the kids on a bleak autumn day (they are open daily), or just want to go relive some childhood fantasy surrounded by toys and books, head to the museum of childhood. 
All the relevant information below. 

Museum opening hours

Open daily 10.00-17.45 (last admission 17.30)
Closed 24, 25 and 26 December and 1 January.

Admission to the V&A Museum of Childhood is free

Some events carry a separate charge.


Literally 2 minutes walk from  Bethnal Green station on the Central Line.
V&A Museum of Childhood
Cambridge Heath RoadLondon E2 9PAUnited Kingdom
Till next time, EAT mindfully, DRINK responsibly, and EXERCISE your mind and body!!!