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First of all, let me get this out there - I asked, (YES, volunteered) to try some of these products. Having sampled some  at the Good Food EatWell show I knew this was something many of you and my clients could benefit from. True to promise they have sent me a box of 4 mixes to try out. 

Though this is a review. Please note, it is my honest opinion about these products. The only reason I asked if they were happy for me to do a trial run, is because I was seriously surprised at the taste and texture. The brownie was soft, moist and so delicious - I had a few pieces I was so smitten, the same for the vanilla sponge.  

Delicious Alchemy produces bread, cake, brownie and porridge mixes all gluten free, dairy free and delicious. The last issue of Crossed Grain magazine had an advert for these products, I had not heard of them till then. My name was all over these, once I tasted the brownie texture I knew I wanted to make - a 'boozie brownie'.

Anyway, let me get on with the review then you can hear all about these products.

All rights to images reserved  copyrights Alicia Lewis @ KitchenTakeovers

Those of you who have never tried gluten free products, whether from curiosity or diagnosis. You probably will not understand what I am about to write.

First of all, I know, the gluten free products market has improved greatly. Over the last 12-15 years there are more variety, more companies delving into the market to fill the growing need. Great! I say...however, when these gluten free breads etc first started coming out. They were disgusting, especially if you were coming off gluten being a recent coeliac. The breads were hard, and tasted like cardboard! as cliché as this might sound I am NOT lying, you had to wrap them in foil and reheat them in the oven, before they were even palatable. And you had better eat it quick, cause once it got cold, and hard, you couldn't eat it. It would serve better as a mythical dwarf bread, that could last you thousands of years or be used as a weapon in an emergency.

The cakes back then were so grainy, always leaving an after taste which up to now I can't place. The only think I could ever really compare them to, was the fact that it felt like I was eating sweet sand. The only saving grace in my view of the offers back then , were the crackers, mainly because you knew they were meant to be hard, but they also tasted not that dissimilar to the gluten varieties. 

Anyway, this is the past and things have improved greatly, the above company Delicious Alchemy have truly gone and done it. 

The mixes created by Delicious Alchemy are awesome, you can add your own flavours and put your stamp to them. 

Here is a brief summary of how I found each mix I used, some of the recipes are on the blog and I will link them at a later date.

White Bread Mix
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I have used the white bread mix twice - the first time I used half the pack and followed the instructions as given, (except I used soy milk instead of water). I wanted to see how the mix handled and how well it baked. 

The results were great, I was worried the mixture wouldn't rise but it did (not a great deal), only after baking. Even though I had to leave it for 40 minutes to rest before putting it in a cold oven. 

The texture was denser than I thought it would be, but still very nice. It was soft and had a decent crust, somewhere in between a hard dough and crusty farm loaf. The soy milk added the slightest hint of sweetness which I found surprisingly that I liked.

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Now, the instructions said to eat on the day made, or slice and freeze for later use. I didn't freeze it but think perhaps I should have. But I was on my way out and couldn't wait for the bread to cool down. When I got back, what was left of the bread looked like it was dehydrated!!! the loaf had shrunk in size and looked rather stale (the appearance of normal bread gone stale). I was really shocked, but once I put it in the microwave for about 20 seconds or so, it seemed fine again. It's a magic bread - (hahahaha) anyway it lasted a couple of days and the flavour was still great. It is very good as toast, so get baking and enjoy your own hand made bread. Can't say I got the smell of bread filling the house - just smelt like something nice baking.

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The other half of the mix I used to make an oats, flax and sunflower seed soda bread. This also turned out rather well, the recipe is here. This bread didn't really rise that much, but it was soft on the inside and the out side really rather crunchy. I suppose the oats gave it a heavier feel, it was so blooming filling. Two things I would do differently to this recipe is to add an egg, and sift the flours which might give it more rise. But the texture and moisture content was pretty decent.

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Brownie Mix
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An all in one mix, and you can add even more cacao powder and chocolate chips and whatever else you fancy in a brownie. I half the mix to make the boozie brownies, the other half I think I will keep for some cookies. Fabulous brownies, worth a try even if you're not gluten free. 

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I really don't think I even have to tell you how deliciously moist this brownie was. Just look at the photos! As you know already I don't do retouching of my photos cause I don't really have time for it (they are not perfect, but hey, I can live with that as I continue to improve). The texture was dense, but the extra chocolate I added made it even drooling typing about it. Everyone who I road tested this on was amazed and loved it. 

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For the humble price of £2.99 for 400g you can't go wrong! I would like to say if you only get one mix this should be it. But, honestly? I would find it hard to choose.

Vanilla Sponge
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Now when I tried this sponge at the show it was blooming amazing!! it was soft and springy, with a great crumb and texture. So, I turned my hand at trying to make a sponge - vanilla sponge with mango and passion fruit sauce.

And you know what? it did not fail me at all!! amazing texture, and the crumb was gorgeous (see image below). Not too sweet either, the rise was very good. I particularly loved the colour I didn't want to cover it up, it was so beautiful. 
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I have to say though, when baking, you  need to be careful of the timing. Mine took closer to 40 minutes to bake through to the middle. Even after 30 minutes there was still raw mix in the middle. Perhaps my tin was too deep - it is a half loaf bread tin. The smaller round tins I made baked to the correct time.

Rice Flakes
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Wasn't too sure about the rice flakes. However, after making a savoury porridge I was a fan. Chinese inspired porridge, with chilli, sesame, egg and spring onion. A little certainly goes a long way with this (as with any rice based product). I have made two normal porridges, pre-soaked some for a smoothie, one risotto type meal (image above) made two savoury porridge (image below) all serving two people. I still have just under half a pack left. Great thing is, I used some in the microwave and some on the stove top and the results were the same.

All rights to images reserved  copyrights Alicia Lewis @ KitchenTakeovers

Company Interaction
I found communication with the company very open and easy. I received the trial box the day after sending a quick message with my address. They were very courteous and friendly. 

Product range
The company carry a range of bake mixes costing from 1.99 for 200g mix to £2.99 for 450g. There are also some breakfast mixes, I think the selections they have are great, not too many, but just enough so you don't feel overwhelmed. The mixes lend themselves well to various flavour additions as mentioned before. 


I have recommended them to clients already , and the feedback so far? They are pleased with the results. I do think Delicious Alchemy have something special as a company, with the growing need for good quality gluten and dairy free products.

Really glad I found them, I will certainly continue using their products.

#Disclaimer: everything here is my own view and experience in using these products and my interactions with the company. I was not paid for this review, and as mentioned in the opening statement, I asked to do a review of their products. Because I think many of my clients and some associates would benefit form this, and I hope you will also#.

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