Minted Apple Rounds

These are so easy and yet oh so, soooo good!!

Today is 'National Apple Day' who knew?! 

Well I didn't, but decided now that I was clued up I ought to pay homage to 'the apple' - in all its  crunchy, juicy, glory (too far?, okay fine).

This makes a delicious snack or a simple breakfast when you are after something light.

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I use honey apples for this, because that is what I have on hand.

The Low Down:

Just because this is simple doesn't mean you won't get some great nutritional benefits. The apples are great for soluble and insoluble fibres. Antioxidant and natural sugars, the mixed spice contains cinnamon and clove which are great for balancing blood sugar levels and great for the digestion respectively. Also, the agave syrup is known for its low GI content. The yoghurt is giving you protein and calcium, plus good bacteria's for your gut and the mint will also aid digestion. Plus the whole thing is low in calories, but will satisfy that sweet tooth.



Vitamin C, potassium,

Now lets get to the good stuff!

Minted Apple Rounds

All rights to images reserved  (c)Alicia Lewis @ KitchenTakeovers

serves 2

2 large firm apples
2 tablespoon low fat Greet yoghurt
1 teaspoon mixed spice
few fresh mint leaves
1 tablespoon agave syrup (optional)

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Put oven on gas mark 200, while it is heating up. Wash the apples and cut into rounds, you should get four fairly thick rounds from each apple; drizzle with agave syrup if using and sprinkle the mixed spice over each slice.

Place apple rounds on oven tray spaced apart and bake for 8 minutes, they should be a little soft around the edges but still firm in the middle.

Remove and put on serving plate, top each slice with a little dollop of Greek yoghurt, using kitchen scissors cut the mint leaves into small pieces over the apple rounds.


Now sit back, turn the relaxing music up, and close the door so you can enjoy this deliciously morish snack all to yourself. Well, at least that's what I did, don't judge me till you've tried them.

                       Bon App├ętit!!

All rights to images reserved  (c)Alicia Lewis @ KitchenTakeovers

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