Frequently Asked Questions

The Low Down is my way of giving you the nutrient breakdown within the meals I prepare. Here is also where I address any contraindications relating to the nutrients and any disease states I think worth highlighting.  

50% or higher of RNI

20%  plus of RNI (but under 50%)

10% plus of RNI ((but under 20%)

The various foods and recipes on this blog will have other nutrients. However, I have chosen to only highlight those which contribute 10% or more of an adults RNI per serving. These are represented from highest to lowest in each percentage tier group.

All measurements are only an approximation using a nutrition database. 

All RNI are based on adults and are given per portion or serving.

What is RNI
This is  a Reference Nutrient Intake for macro-nutrients such as protein or a micro-nutrient such a vitamin or mineral. It is an amount of the nutrient that is enough, or more than enough, for approximately 97% of a population group. (Dietary Reference values for Food Energy and Nutrients for the United Kingdom, DOH,1991).  

What is Triglyceride?
Triglyerides are a type of fat found in the blood. Which the body use as an energy source. We need triglycerides for health, however, high levels can increase the risk of developing heart disease and may be a sign of metabolic syndrome.

Why are there no calories, fat or other macro nutrient analysis of your recipes?

My aim is to educate on the principles of healthy eating. I believe that calories can become too much of a hang up and sometimes a distraction when the principles are simple. Control portion size, eat right for your specific health, and move more.